Modern Mobile Banking For Agents

mBanqer brings automation to let mobile money agents complete transactions in seconds. No more re-dialing long USSD codes. No more pen and paper records. Work faster and earn more with mBanqer!



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    Faster and more convenient

    Speed and accuracy cannot be overemphasized in a commission based business such as that of a mobile money agent. No need to dial and re-dial USSD prompts. mBanqer automates USSD prompts and uses optical character recognition and machine learning modules to help you transact faster and more accurately.

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    Fraud Protection

    mBanqer detects when you are about to perform a transaction to a fraudulent number and warns you to keep you and your customers safe. With built-in fraud reporting, mBanqer has the largest database of fraudsters and helps make mobile money safer.

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    Records-keeping and Analytics

    No more pen and paper record keeping. Successful transactions are automatically recorded locally on your device for faster search when necessary. Graphical analytics also gives you meaningful insights on your transactions. You can have a detailed overview of daily, weekly, and monthly transactions with a click of a button.


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All Networks

Process transactions across all networks on one phone. Works for MTN Mobile Money, AirtelTigo Money and Vodafone Cash.

No Internet Required

You do not need internet to use mBanqer. Process transactions and keep records all while offline.


The mBanqer app never sees your pin, and all information is stored locally on your phone. mBanqer guarantees you safety and security so you can focus on serving your customers.

Safety and Security

The mBanqer app does not accept, request or record any sensitive pin code and therefore cannot process any transaction without the agent’s approval. The app only automates the USSD steps involved in the mobile money transaction and leaves the agent to confirm their pin code at the final step directly with the mobile network (telco).
Transaction history is stored locally on the device, following strict guidelines set by the telecom companies.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need internet to use mBanqer?

No! mBanqer works perfectly offline and you do not need internet access to perform or record transactions. However, if you choose to enjoy some extra features such as fraud protection and the agent forum, you will need internet access for that period.

Does using mBanqer breach any policy of any service provider?

No! mBanqer is purely an automator to help run through the mobile money USSD prompts quickly. It does not violate any contracts between the agent and service provider.

Will I get my commission when I use mBanqer?

Yes! mBanqer is purely an automator to help run through USSD prompts quickly. It does not by any means interfere with your commission or any contracts between you and your service provider.

Are my transactions being monitored on mBanqer.

No! Transactions and records are stored locally on the agent’s phone only. No information is shared with any other party. Feel free to use the app offline too, if you are in doubt.

What network does mBanqer serve.

mBanqer works for all the networks - MTN, AirtelTigo and Vodafone. You can conveniently operate two networks in a single smartphone at the same time.

But I will need a smartphone to use the app, what about that?

mBanqer enables the agent to perform ultra fast transactions for their customers, protects the agent and customers from fraud, automatically keeps records, among others. All of these amazing features are due to the power of smartphone technology. Acquiring a smartphone to unlock these features with mBanqer is a good investment that will help your momo agent business grow.

Is there any recommended phone?

mBanqer will work on any android phone . For affordable and durable smartphones, we recommend the Itel A16 or A35 series. They are dual sim smartphones that are very cheap and durable.

Who do I talk to if I need help or any clarification?

Our customer service team is always available, and we love to hear from you. See the contact section below on how to reach us.

Go modern, go faster with mBanqer!

mBanqer is the modern way to operate as a mobile money agent. Join the movement. Serve your customers faster and earn more!

*Works on Android Kitkat and above.